What airport should I fly into?
EDI – Edinburgh Airport

What will the weather be like?
Scotland is notoriously overcast and rainy, though we won’t know if rain is forecasted until we’re closer to the event. Average temperatures for May and June in Scotland are about 55-65 degrees fahrenheit.

How can I get from the airport to my hotel?
Taxis and buses are plentiful at the Edinburgh Airport. We recommend the Airlink bus service, which picks up right outside of Waverely Station, which is across the street from the conference hotel.

I have special dietary requirements. Will you be able to accommodate me?
We do our very best to accommodate all dietary issues that we know about in advance. Please be sure to note any needs in your conference registration and/or contact Krista Humphries (khumphries AT artsadministration.org).



Will there be a printer I can use?
Unfortunately, we cannot offer access to any office supplies or equipment.

Does the conference venue have wifi?
Yes indeed.




When am I presenting?
Please keep checking the conference schedule page. We hope to release the detailed schedule soon.

How can I sign up for a site visit?
You will be able to sign up on site at the Registration Center.



How can I sign up for the dine-arounds?
You can sign up for a Dine Around onsite at the registration center. The cut off time for Dine Arounds sign ups is 3:30 pm on Thursday, June 1.

What is a ceilidh?
A ceilidh is essentially a traditional Scottish dance party! Comparable to American square dancing, participants are taught a series of simple steps. A ceilidh band plays Scottish folk music and the caller calls the steps.

What did I register for? Can I register for an event after I’ve already registered for the conference?
You can always head back to the registration page to register for an add-on event. To be reminded of what you have or have not registered for, contact Krista Humphries (khumphries AT artsadministration.org).

Can I bring a guest to the conference event?
Some conference events are open to guests, as indicated on the registration page.